What does a high performance green home mean for our homeowners?

  • Less Maintenance = more leisure time + more money saved
  • Reduced Energy Usage = more money saved
  • Advanced Construction Technology and Materials = a healthier, quieter and more comfortable home

Your High Performance Green Home can help save your family 17 percent or more on utility costs*!

For example, for a family with a 1500 per month electric bill, the savings could be more than 5-6k over every years. * Novus Smartomes Legend Homes Green Built

  1. Homesite management and waste reduction
  2. Energy efficiency and conservation
  3. Water efficiency and conservation
  4. Resourceful material usage
  5. Improved indoor air quality
  6. Homeowner education

Home site Management and Waste Reduction

Practices and building techniques that reduce the environmental impact of new home construction:

Preservation and protection of healthy, mature, and original trees on homesite

Obtain TCEQ Storm Water Permit

Gutters tied to an ADS drain system with area collection boxes to carry rainwater away to curb and away from homesite

Water Efficiency and Conservation

Water conservation measures that reduce indoor and outdoor daily usage include:Low-flow plumbing reputed branded fixtures in kitchen and baths

1.28 gallon water efficient commodes in bathrooms to reduce unnecessary water usage

Low-flow appliances such as Energy Star-rated dishwashers that use up to 3 gallons less per load

Zurn® PEX Plumbing system with homerun shut-off valve which devotes hot waterlines to each bathroom to sustain efficiency

Insulated hot waterlines in foundation

Irrigation systems with auto shut-off that also feature rain and freeze sensors to avoid pipe bursting, unnecessary watering during rains, and reduce condensation to avoid mod growth (per community specifications)

Native landscaping with Stage 3 drought-tolerant plantings

Improved Indoor Air Quality

Ventilation and filtering features as well as design guidelines to improve indoor air quality:

Fresh air supply vent on fireplaces to supply oxygen for fire combustion and avoid smoke emission into the house

Continuous perforated soffit around perimeter of home to reduce attic temperatures and increase attic circulation

Roof vents located throughout attic that work in accordance with perforated soffit to reduce attic temperatures and increase attic ventilation

Merv® 8 Air Filtration System to protect from dust,debris, allergens, and pollen

Vapor barrier under foundation to control moisture

1/8" Thermo-ply® and corner bracing with taped seams to prevent water and air infiltration

Solid-core door between main and home tightly.

Third party Thermal Bypass Inspections (per Energy Star requirements)

Smoke detectors and combination carbon monoxide/smoke detectors located throughout the home

Energy Efficiency and Conservation

Cost Saving Energy Star®-certified measures:

Continuous perforated fiber cement soffit around perimeter of home to reduce attic temperatures and increase attic ventilation

Roof vents located throughout attic that work in accordance with perforated soffit to reduce attic temperatures and increase attic ventilation

Polycel foam caulking used around doors, windows, the bottom plate, and all exterior penetrations

Thermo-ply® used as exterior sheathing with taped seams to prevent water and air infiltration

Recessed can lighting for kitchen, fireplace, hallways, stairways, and front porch (per plan) to reduce heat loss

Third party inspections and testing during each phase of construction:

Engineered foundation inspection before concrete is placed

Benefits of our Energy Star®-certified home include, but are not limited to:

Noise Reduction & Improved Insulation

Monthly energy cost reductions

Maintenance Reduction

Healthier Indoor Air Quality

Potentially Higher Resale Value

Superior Construction

Resourceful Material Usage

Mandatory environmentally friendly materials with sustainability in mind:

Use of engineered lumber which are strong, practically defect-free, and highly sustainable

Fiber-cement products including soffits, lap siding, fascia board and trim which hold paint 2 to 3 times longer than masonite or wood, resist damage by hail or termite attacks, and will not crack or delaminate (limited manufacturer's warranty)

Gutters tied into ADS® drain system with area collection boxes to carry rainwater to curb and away from the homesite

Roof overhangs covering at least 90% of exterior walls to protect the building envelope

Metal drip edge used at the edge of eaves and gables to prevent water infiltration

Homeowner Education

Novus Smartomes Legend Homes offers our homeowners:

On-site meetings throughout the homebuilding process including a Pre-Construction Meeting, Pre-Drywall Meeting, and a Homebuyer Orientation Meeting once the home is complete

10-stage construction process and key construction terms online

On-going preventative and maintenance education to encourage proper use of energy efficient features and orientation on the operation and care for their homes

Knowledgeable sales and construction management staff


Stratgic Location

Pulpit Rock

Investment Benefits

Pulpit Rock

Villas Terms and Conditions

  1. Atheena infra build Pvt. Ltd. reserves the right to accept or reject any application.
  2. On allotment two agreements shall be entered into between the builder and the purchaser, one for the allotment of land and another for construction. Though separate considerations are specified each agreement, composite value of land and construction shall be shown in the payment schedule.
  3. The concept of the transaction shall be, allotment of land on the condition that the promoter only shall be under taking the construction, utilizing the funds to be made available by the owner through advances.
  4. This is time bound project. In case payments are not made as per agreement signed, the builder reserves the right to cancel the allotment. In such case the amount paid till such cancellation will be returned only after re-allotment to another party and without any interest and subject to deduction of expences and damage.
  5. Once allotted and the agreements are signed, the prices are firm.
  6. All payments to be made by local cheques or DD favouriting 'Atheena infra build Pvt Limited', payable at Bangalore.
  7. The buyer shall compulsorily be a member of the house owners association constituted by the builder after handing over. The association shall carry out all necessary routine and annual maintenance and repairs to the common areas, exterior walls of the building, common installations and fittings and shall make payment of water and electrical charges for common facilities, services etc. Maintanance charges/deposits are to be made by each owner regularly and on time.The maintenance will be carried out by the builder till the formation of the Owners' Association which will take over the maintenance within a period of two years from the date of handover. Maintenance deposit/advance collected from all the owners by the builder shall be appropriated against the expenses incurred by the builder during the period the maintenance was done by them(two years from the date of handover).
  8. All transactions are subject to Bangalore jurisdiction only. This brochure is only for information and does not constitute a legal document.
  9. All notices and letters sent by registered post to the buyers address as mentioned in the agreement or to the buyers email id as mentioned in the Agreement will be considered as having been received by the buyer and will be treated as proper communication.
  10. All measurements and specification given in this brochure are subject to minor variation. Furniture Layout is only an indication for space utilization. The elevation shown in the brochure is artist's expression only and the actual may vary according to the practical site conditions and do not form part of the offering.
  11. Once allotted and the agreement is signed the prices are firm.
  12. The measurements/specification given in the brochure shall be subject to variations of minor nature. If such changes are warranted due to statutory or commercial requirements they shall not be objected to by the owner.
  13. Individual villas will be completed in a period of 10 months from the date of getting license to construct. Possession shall be given upon completion of all dues to the company.
  14. Registration charges and incidental expenses for registration of the plot shall be borne by the client.
  15. All payments by DD or Local cheques in favour of 'Atheena infra build Pvt Limited', payable at Bangalore.
  16. All litigations are subject to Bangalore jurisdiction only. This brochure is only for information and does not constitute a legal document.